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Location Analysis

– The location of the phone at the time of the incident

– A parent take the children out of state against a custody order

– History of stops by a professional driver

– Patterns of location and frequent areas

Time Analysis

– Phone activity at the time of an incident, such as a crash

– Test calls to determine time deviation between the time on the phone records and the time on the police report


Calls Analysis

– Most frequently called numbers

– Cumulitive time of connections

– Ranking and compairing connections

Incident Response

– Respond to the scene to immediately preserve an image of a commercial driver’s phone.

– Coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure evidence valuable to a civil case is preserved.

– Make test calls to the 911 center for late use in time analysis.

Cell Phone Forensics

– Recover data from the phone

– Text message content

– Call logs

– Photos and videos

– GPS locations

– Some deleted information

Expert Witness Testimony

– Testified in 28 trials

– Experience in presenting complicated information in an understandable way to juries

– Visual courtroom presentations


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